International Visit to View Longley Whitebred Shorthorn Cattle

October 15th 2018

On Thursday 11th October 2018, a coach party of 40 cattle breeders arrived at Sunnyside farm. The passengers on board had come to see a breed about which they knew nothing, and hardly knew it existed.

Longley Whitebred Shorthorns

We talked about our crossing program and showed them some Highland cross yearlings, and Highland cows with cross calves, explaining the benefits and the performance assistance of hybrid vigour.

Longley Whitebred Shorthorns

It soon became clear, crossing was rare in the five countries they came from - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

It was our sincere hope that the following discussions would make them think when they got home.

Longley Whitebred Shorthorn Visit

The thing that was most gratifying to me was when we went out into the field our Whitebred Shorthorns displayed their normal laid-back, easy going attitude to the invasion of 40 strangers into their home. They continued to stay close and display their attributes (mainly the quality of their udders). There followed long discussions about them, over tea, coffee and cake.

Longley Whitebred Shorthorns

Longley Whitebred Shorthorns

As the coach left with our visitors we felt we had opened their eyes to other ways, which could be useful in their own situation.

A great day for Longley Whitebred Shorthorns, and a most enjoyable one for us.

Adrian Wheelwright


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